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Stroom: The website and branding project for Ron Jones

Updated: Aug 12, 2021

Sometimes the planets align when it comes to designing a logo or website for a client. One recent project we just completed was one of those syzygy moments.

Ron Jones with his signature red glasses

Ron Jones who already has a distinct brand, which is his trademark red glasses that feature in his existing logo, was looking to create a new website branded with a new name.

Before we go any further…  We believe Ron had a more difficult time coming up with his new business name than we had to create his new website.

Anyhow, after a couple of weeks bouncing ideas for names off Ming Chong our strategy and innovation guy, Ron finally came up with the name 'Stroom'.

Stroom translated from Dutch to English means Flow, and that is exactly what happened when Ron requested we also create a new logo, to go with his new website.


The logo design process

We were spoilt as Ron's existing brand already featured a pair of red spectacles, and to be fair, credit should also be given to whoever came up with that design, as the word Stroom, with the two 'o's, was screaming out, "Give me some red goggles!" Previously we created Ron a second logo for 'Workbites' in 2020, which was based on the original Ron Jones Consulting logo. However, for the Stroom logo, we needed to simplify it for the website, so it would be easy to read when used at a small size in the top banner.


Animating the Stroom logo

As usual when we get new toys we like to show off. So after bragging about a new online app we bought, being able to animate logos with only a couple of clicks, we just had to demonstrate what it could do. So as a bonus, we animated Ron's new logo with one of the app's preset animations, that just begged to be used with the Stroom tagline.


Sourcing suitable imagery for the site

Good content such as photography and copywriting play a huge part in the engagement and retention of your target audience. The Wix platform already has some wonderful imagery available to designers from Wix images, Shutterstock or Unsplash. For the Stroom website, we were spoilt with a selection of images from Ron's previous site, that were begging to be recycled and reused. Again the planets aligned, as the box of red head matches, we used on the home page, inspired Ron's tagline Igniting Purpose.

Seeing everything was falling so easily into place with the new logo design and recycled images from Ron's existing website, we felt it the right thing to do and created Ron some custom icons for his Stroom library.

The red glasses theme inspired the three graphics with red highlights below…


The completed design

Even though the time we took to complete the logo and website design was only around 2-3 weeks. The Stroom website was still using Lorem Ipsum text and some copy taken from the original Ron Jones website. So, we handed the ball back to Ron to finalise and update his written content, which took another couple of weeks before we were ready to launch. Please note that quite often we will complete a website build, well before our clients have their written content ready. We understand this can be a struggle, so we also offer a copywriting service as well for when our clients get stuck.

Visit the Stroom website

If you're thinking about engaging an agency to create your business a new logo, brand, or website, please visit our pages or, and consider using the team at Entrepo for your next project.

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