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A well-design website or landing page is an essential tool for marketing any product or service. Sadly, many business owners believe having a professionally designed website is out of their reach, as it's not unheard of to pay upwards of $20k for a website and then having to pay hundreds of dollars per month for maintenance.


The team at Entrepo feels you shouldn't have to pay through the nose for your website...

And as such, we design and build sites that don't require plug-in updates, are intuitive, and can be easily edited or maintained by our customers, if they choose to do so.

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Are you paying through the nose for your website? 


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*Price excludes hosting and setup costs

Why choose the Entrepo team to build your website?

  1. Our business motto is to be... Better - Faster - Fairer.
  2. We don't use overseas developers to build websites.
  3. We use a website building platform that doesn't require our customers to pay for ongoing site maintenance.
  4. All our websites come with free training, so our customers can take control of editing their own site.
  5. And if you want us to edit your website, we'll provide upfront costs and won't lock you into a costly maintenance plan. Sometimes we'll even do it for free!

Entrepo's web design team leads Ming and Darren both have extensive experience in the graphic arts, branding, and web design industries. Ming who has previously designed websites built with other platforms such as WordPress discovered Wix had benefits that could be passed on to clients. The Entrepo team has built upwards of 60+ websites using the Wix platform, and as such has attained the Legend level (the highest) as a Wix Partner.

Some of our handy work…

Even our client received praise for his website!

We recently redesigned a client's eCommerce website and he was kind enough to share feedback from one of his lovely customers. It goes to say we must be doing something right with comments like this.

Thank you Lester for your quick response. Your website is a sales masterpiece in its presentation. Love, help, and heal and get paid for it.  What a blessing that must be.

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