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The Manufacturer/Industrial Supplier and Mr Man Bun

Updated: Aug 12, 2021

Earlier this year, a client of ours contacted us about creating a new product catalogue and asked Entrepo to look into their website.

The client explained that “Mr Man Bun” (account manager) in skinny jeans driving a Porsche visited his business and proposed a website redesign cost of $20,000 onwards. Of which, an initial $7,000 upfront for the design and planning of a ‘blueprint’ prior to the development of the website. The client is also paying $980 per month website management fee* - which the client wasn’t exactly sure how this fee influenced their monthly sales performance. We guess that through this experience, the client has asked Entrepo for a second opinion.

This is how we help.

We listened to his business needs, provided him with some advice and clarity for a new website. Our proposal came in at a fraction of what has been quoted to deliver a functional website with the bells and whistles – giving him plenty of savings that pays for a new catalogue for his business. A significant saving for the client of not having to pay $11,760 “website maintenance fee” to his previous provider.

Long story short, Entrepo was able to deliver a new website that was designed and launched within weeks for our client.

Google Ads Done Right

The client had also done some Google Ad campaigns with their previous ‘Mr Man Bun’ but their reports didn’t quite ascertain their sales performance. If done correctly, Google Ads will work wonders for getting our client leads and sales. However, with our client experience with their previous provider, they spend a lot of money and with NO RETURN on their investment.

Our Solution…

Our client isn’t the only one in this situation. Lots of business owners who aren’t marketing savvy get duped by these so-called ‘marketing gurus’.

To see outstanding results with your marketing, it is best to place your efforts in the hands of an agency that takes a data-driven approach. Along with easy-to-understand reports, your business will be able to make informed decisions about digital marketing and see whether its marketing efforts actually bring them a profit and business.

PS. Entrepo has no issues with people wearing skinny jeans or driving European sports cars. However, man buns are debatable.

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