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The Health Products Company

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

A little while ago, we had a health products company approach us about growing their e-commerce lead business. They wanted to further grow their business online and we suggested they undertake an advertising strategy that uses Google Ads.

Being part of a regulated industry has its stringent requirements, not only from the Therapeutic Goods Administration but also with Google Ads, which strictly monitors the wording and messaging you provide when creating your advertisements. Our campaigns were not going to be as straightforward as those in the past.

Google Ads Execution

We produced both Search and Shopping Ads for the client, due to the high search volumes of similar products within their health products niche. Efforts to produce accompanying Search Engine Optimisation for their website proved limited, however, this did not hinder our campaign's overall success, which has proven very fruitful for the client.

The Results

The advertisements we ran for our client brought an initial return of around 300% Return On Ad Spend (ROAS)! Meaning that for every dollar spent, the client received $3 in pure revenue. During the peak of COVID-19 in March 2020, this ROAS figure ballooned to 1,258% and generated the company over $28,300 in revenue!

We later implemented Facebook Ads to diversify our advertising spend and generated even more sales for the client. Now our client's account has hit maturity and brings in combined revenue of over $22,000 per month! With a current increase in demand for his products, our client might even increase his budget to produce even more revenue, as our marketing efforts have been truly sustainable and profitable for his business.

Our advertising has done so well for him, that he purchased a brand new Tesla earlier this year with the profits he generated from the business.

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