Meet the Entrepo Team leaders

The Entrepo Team is formed from a collective of minds with specialised skills and unique experiences. Every team member started as a business owner and experienced the same challenges of putting on different hats to run their business. Through this experience, we know how to help businesses overcome the issues and challenges of managing finances and effectively marketing their business.

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Hence, Entrepo is a team for hire at an affordable cost. No fancy agency fees, overseas minions, or flashy offices in the CBD. 

Members of Entrepo were invited to join because of their exceptional industry knowledge, their unwavering commitment to a high level of client service and a drive to work in a team that combines their efforts toward common goals for clients.

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Lee Milward
Business Coach 
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Lee has been working with successful WA based start-ups and passionate small business owners for over 20 years. One of the highlights of this time was getting to work with Verne Harnish and his team from Harvard University on start-up enterprises that quickly transformed into multi-national entities  . 


Lee is a UK and Australian Chartered Accountant with an IT degree who loves working with businesses who aspire to sustainably accelerate growth of their business, increase margins and profits and enjoy the ride to eventual freedom!.


Prior to living in Perth, Lee worked in public practice in the UK and then with Toyota for a number of years before spending time living in Andalucia, Spain. His work has taken him all over Europe and to Japan and North Africa.


Lee has a giving spirit and strives to give back to the community. He sits in advisory roles on a number of Boards in Australian for-profit and not-for-profit entities.

Ming has lived and worked in Perth for almost 30 years. He built a successful design and marketing studio during this time and also became a certified Book Yourself Solid®, Lifeskills, and Mind5® trainer.

Over the years, Ming's growing interest and curiosity in human behaviour and how that influences business performance led to the founding of The Fishermen and Entrepo - a team of ordinary yet passionate people wired differently to help businesses with their marketing and finances. His approach to business, as it is to life, is to lead by example and don’t always take the road most travelled or the expected option. 

Ming believes that knowledge alone isn’t power. Knowledge without practice is useless. Practice without knowledge (or values) is dangerous.

If Ming isn't working on clients' projects he likes to spend time teaching martial arts, workout in a boxercise class, hiking in the national parks or binge-watching on Netflix for 'research purposes'. He is a health-nut! 

Ming Chong
Strategy & Innovation Lead
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Darren Hart
Creative Development Lead

Darren is a true creative spirit who loves to use his work to enhance a company’s brand through graphic design, illustration and web design. He’s been doing it since 1988; with a client base that keeps returning to him time after time - and they refer him to all of their friends and colleagues.


Darren was invited to join the Entrepo team because of his business growth focus and skill in seeing a creative vision that blows his clients’ minds. He knows how to meet client needs and how to deliver a standard of work that always exceeds expectations.


Darren says “I love what I do…


The saying goes, “If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life”. Well, I love creating logos, brands and visual imagery that are the Duck’s Nuts. Nothing’s more satisfying than a client’s reaction when they first see their finished design project.”


Darren is a dedicated family man and Martial Arts instructor. He’s so happy to be able to work full time from his home studio, where he enjoys the benefits of a life/work balance. He feels that this way of working allows him to be truly grounded and able to deliver exceptional results for his clients.