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Financial Management Services

You are able to produce a multitude of reports from your accounting and social media software but data is just data unless you know what data is useful and you can interpret it to tell your business's story.


The P&L, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow reports are backwards-looking [what results have been achieved] whereas a regularly updated P&L, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow forecast is forward-looking and has the capability of exploring different scenarios such as:

  1. What if I increased sales prices by 1%?

  2. What if I reduce my cost of sales/cost of goods sold by 1%?

  3. What if I change my product or service sales mix? Will my GP improve?

  4. What if I make processes more efficient and save on labour costs?

There are many other areas of P&L, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow forecasting that can assist in helping businesses make data-driven decisions to grow in terms of revenue and profit while keeping costs under control.


For this to happen data in your accounting, marketing and operations software needs to be as accurate as possible and lean processes should be adopted to drive efficiency gains.


To help our clients understand what story their numbers are telling them we provide the following services:


Virtual CFO


For a fraction of the cost of employing a full-time professional we can work with you to develop an aligned, effective financial strategy and set appropriate goals and KPIs to monitor how you are progressing towards achieving them. By actively managing your cash flow you can ensure that you can meet any liabilities when they become due and work to free up cash to grow.


Another crucial area is developing an executable strategic plan and we have many years of experience in helping clients to implement well structured, aligned strategies to achieve accelerated, sustainable growth. 

Management accounting
  1. Rolling cash flow forecasts.

  2. Sales pricing/sales mix optimisation.

    • Sales volume variance

    • Sales price variance

    • Sales mix variance

  3. Cost of sales/cost of goods sold analysis.

    • Material price variance

    • Material usage variance

  4. Labour costs.

    • Labour efficiency variance

    • Labour utilisation variance

  5. Breakeven point/margin of safety.

  6. Expenses and overheads analysis.

Virtual Assistant


Do you have piles of paperwork stored in archive boxes, lever arch files or in your desk drawer?

We can help move your record-keeping obligations to a digital solution to free up space and save you time when you need to locate that paperwork from previous years.

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Our expert team of bookkeepers are personally trained by Lee, our chartered accountant to deliver an effective and efficient tailored service to our clients.


Accurate and timely recording of your business transactional data means that you can make better data-driven decisions to propel your business forward and eliminate poor decision making which causes unnecessary stress.




We can train your staff to ensure that your bookkeeping is accurate and up to date whilst providing oversight and support where necessary.

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Management accounting focuses on the business operations whereas financial accounting that your tax accountant performs is focused on compliance.

We focus our attention on business operational performance and set up and monitor relevant processes in the following areas and others as required:​

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