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The common challenges in managing marketing for business...
Business Marketing
  • Too many different opinions on the latest strategies that promise to make you millions. ​​

  • The lack of knowledge and time to measure the true returns of your marketing activities so that your business intelligence to make better decisions.​

  • Not knowing whether your finance can afford the expensive marketing strategies. The accountant and marketing strategist must talk to each other.​

  • Ineffective marketing becomes a drain to your finances rather than in investment return to growing the business. 

The common challenges in managing finances for business...
Challenges Management
  • The ability to implement good practice with finances to grow the business instead of taking on unrelated expenses, bad debt and financial risks.

  • Profit is only a perception in your accounting software and the cash balance looks very different in the business account. 

  • Getting a true understanding of how to optimise the margins and return on investment of your products or services.

  • Establishing a coordinated effort between the marketing people and the management accountant (CFO) to drive business growth.​

Business Management
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