Having people with the right mindset is the key to any business's success.
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Many business owners and professionals are great at what they do. Unfortunately, they often lack the time and skill sets to work on their marketing and manage the finances effectively for their businesses. Even when they outsource work, their external service providers are not aligned with what they want, ending up 'missing the mark'. This ultimately leads to stress, stagnation, or sometimes business failure. 

The common challenges in managing marketing for business...
The common challenges in managing finances for business...
  • Too many different opinions on the latest strategies that promise to make you millions...

  • The ability to implement good practice with finances to grow the business...


Why Entrepo?

The Entrepo name originated from the word entrepôt, which means a port, city, or centre to which goods are brought for import and export, and for collection and distribution.

We are the port for all things business!


By providing businesses from the internal management of finances to all things marketing-related that is crucial to the performance and growth of a business. (View our services)


Most importantly we are not high outsourcing, our work are all done locally as part of the local business community.

Rinse & Repeat
Development & Production
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Plan & Strategise
Business Intelligence
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Our Motto: Better - Faster - Fairer

Implementation & Outreach

Who We Are

Entrepo is a team of curious and results-driven marketing professionals. Founders of Entrepo, Ming Chong and Lee Milward had the vision to form with a close team of finance, design and marketing specialists that work in a cooperative environment, in a coordinated effort, to truly take care of the growth of our client's business. When we can make a difference, everyone wins!


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What our wonderful clients are saying…

It’s official I hate Ming! I hate him because he can articulate the virtues of my business better than I, I hate him because he understands my vision almost better than I. Yes, he is really passionate about me and my business and that’s why he is great at the above. Yes, the things I hate him for has really helped us develop a niche in our marketplace and grow our business substantially. But seriously how can one guy share so much, know so much and care so much. Please whatever you do don’t see him, enjoy the comfort and safety of staying within the box.

—  Kevin Euphemie

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Products & Services

Think Tank

Meet with our team to discuss and brainstorm your  management and marketing options

Content Creation

Building stories and images that will compel customers to engage with you

Copy Writing

Boosting your online presence with effectively written content

Web Design

Creating your business an online presence or eCommerce store

Social Media

Engage with new and potential customers with targeted campaigns

Digital Marketing

Drive traffic to your website with calculated digital advertising

Results Analysis

Keeping your business and our team on track, to achieve the best possible results

Report & Adjust

Continually analyse and adjust to keep your management and marketing returning dividends

Design & Print

Print and signage design and production specialists


Entrepo Resources

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Over time Entrepo will be adding more resources to assist you with your business management and marketing. If you have a specific question or request, please drop us an email in the contact form below, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.